10 Amazing Floral Looks for your Home

Studio McGee

Everyone loves flowers – (really, who doesn’t?)

Flowers have that effect on people; they lift our spirits, and make us smile even in the coldest of winters. It seems unusual for someone not to enjoy a lovely bouquet, or a bunch of freshly hand-picked hydrangeas from their garden. (And they look so gorgeous on our kitchen islands!) And who’s heart doesn’t melt when their youngest arrives from school with a wildflower he picked up on his way home?


In short, the joy of bringing nature indoors has a powerful impact on our moods. I still remember my mother’s tradition; in June, we would always come back from school, welcomed by the scent of fresh purple lilac surrounding our home. Both of my sisters and I had our respective vase sitting on our nightstands; it was a precious moment that was always followed by the end of classes, and the beginning of summer vacation.

As I am myself an amazing gardener (please read here, the huge sarcasm), I always preferred silk flowers that required no attention whatsoever – indoor that is. But one of my favorite formulas to create a garden in my living room, is by selection stunning floral fabrics that lifts up my mood every time I walk by, either by their scale or color.

Here’s some of my favorite finds for your home:

1. This Floral Dining Room by Studio McGee

Studio McGee

2. The Lilacs of my Childhood Memories (Wysteria Falls by Sanderson)

Wisteria Falls by Sanderson Fabrics

3) This Stunning Black and White Bedroom Farmhouse Bedroom Floral Wallpaper

4) This Heavenly Bathroom – by ShopHouse Design

Shophouse Design - Bathroom Floral Wallpaper

 5) Anthropologie’s Bird Garden

Anthropologie Wallpaper Bird Sanctuary Floral

 6) This Delicate Mural


7) The Wonderful Collection of Vern Yip

Fabricut Blog

8) Alhambra’s Vintage Florals


9) Traditional Style at its Best


10) This Giant Navy Print

KEK Living

Despite all this beauty, I promised myself to keep my mother’s tradition. Next June, I will gather the lilac from my own garden and place them in my baby boy’s room!
As for you, which picture did you prefer? Do you have a flower tradition in your family?

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